Your Trustworthy Silicone Product Manufacturer

Dongrong is a silicone product manufacturer established in 2004. We are specialized in providing silicone customization service and silicone product OEM/ODM service with a wide catalogue that covers thousands of products, ranging from silicone business promotional gift, digital accessories, household supplies, skincare and beauty products, clothing accessories, to industrial accessories. Whatever you need, give us your drawings, samples or requirements and Dongrong will make it for you. Details

Products we made

Customized silicone cases
Dongrong provides customers with a diverse selection of silicone products, including solid and liquid silicone products with dimensions varying between 1mm to 600mm. Contact Dongrong today and we can provide you with various customized silicone products that completely meet your needs in size, color and model of the products.

Design model
If you are looking for custom silicone products, you can either provide us with 3D drawings, samples or give us ideas for a product model. As we have professional design software, including PORE, UG, Edrawing, CAD, AI and 5-6 experienced designers and engineers in this field, we are well equipped at making 3D design drawings. Dongrong can meet your needs on silicone products, from the product appearance to the product structure.